SARASOTA COUNTY,  Fla. (SNN) — Sarasota Middle School was named “School of the Year” by Batteries Plus on Friday.


After a nationwide contest, Sarasota Middle School was identified as one that has gone above and beyond powering their students inside and out of the classroom.


“People nominated this school and there’s several criteria they looked at like their involvement in the community, and their reputation in the community,” said Richard Epps, the owner of Batteries Plus in Sarasota.


Sarasota Middle was awarded a $500 supply of free PROCELL Constant and PROCELL Intense batteries during an event held at the school. 


“I mean, it’s a lot of batteries. I would say a school, you think of all the different devices that have AA’s and AAA’s in them. You know, all the little hand sanitizers, automatic towel dispensers, all that type of stuff. You go through a lot of batteries,” said Epps.


Assistant Principal Isaiah Carpenter says there’s a great need for batteries in all of the classrooms they have in the middle school.


“We got wireless keyboards our kids use on a daily basis, our teachers have to use remotes to turn on their panels, we got clocks on the wall,” said Carpenter. “A lot of these batteries, they can become expensive when you’re trying to run a school. Any help that we can receive is a great help to have on campus because we can use those funds in other places.”


Batteries Plus says the batteries donated will last the school up to 10 years.