MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (SNN TV) — In a 6-1 vote, the Manatee County commissioners adopted a resolution that bans county money from being used for Planned Parenthood and nonprofits affiliated with any abortion provider.

The only commissioner to vote against the resolution said it's not what the commission originally agreed to pass.

"I read this resolution. It's not what we previously discussed at all," Commissioner George Kruse said.

Kruse noted the original resolution the commission moved forward weeks ago just banned county funds on abortions. The resolution brought forward Tuesday bans funds to those "who are affiliated with Planned Parenthood or any abortion provider or to otherwise fund any abortion services."

"Meaning the affiliated part in and of itself would preclude the nonprofit from getting funds," Kruse said.

He suggested rewriting the resolution for the next meeting. The other six commissioners disagreed.

"I don't think anyone should be comfortable referring people to Planned Parenthood with their background with their history with their founding. I have zero qualms with passing something that might make someone think twice before doing that," said Commissioner James Satcher.

"What we're seeing is James Satcher's personal issues with a nonprofit that doesn't abide with his personal religious ideologies," said Kaitlynn Danehy-Samitz, VP of Women's Voices of SW Florida. "And not only is it un-American, it's not small government like they preach."

All public comments online and in-person were opposed to the resolution, including Tsi Day Smith, also with Women's Voices.

"What would stop a board like yourselves that was made up of queer folks from saying we don't want Chick-fil-A in our county because we don't like their views or what they spend money on?" Smith asked.

"My job up here from a constitutional standpoint is to protect the rights of people, and that includes the unborn," said Commissioner Jason Bearden. "I have an obligation and duty since I raised my right hand to protect the rights of that baby that's inside that tummy."

That comment sparked laughter from some in the audience, with one woman wearing a Planned Parenthood shirt shouting, "Anatomy lesson!"

"It sounds like the comprehensive sex ed that he received failed him," Danehy-Samitz said, "As I looked onto the board, only one person could carry a pregnancy."

That commissioner, Amanda Ballard, said the wording did sound "a little bit broad," but she voted for the resolution. Only Kruse voted no.

There are no abortion clinics in Manatee County. Bearden said Planned Parenthood's presence in Sarasota County is one of the reasons why this resolution is needed.