CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (SNN TV) —  Multiple credit cards were stolen out of the locker room at a Port Charlotte gym.

Two suspects went into a Planet Fitness on Peachland Boulevard and stole credit cards out of the locker room. They used them to buy electronics and gift cards.
The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office needs your help in identifying the unknown suspects.
“These are two separate cases. The first case involves a male and he ended up using the credit card over at Best Buy and Target, purchasing a laptop worth $1,299 and he endeavored to obtain other items as well for a total of close to two thousand dollars,” said Chris Farley, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Corporal with the Economics Crime Unit.
A few days later, a woman did the exact same thing at the same Planet Fitness.
“She also stole some credit cards and ended up going to Walmart to make purchases. She ended up getting away with a $500 gift card,” Farley said.
Both suspects were wearing face coverings.
“The COVID masks have been around since the pandemic. Nowadays it’s very unfortunate, I mean there are people that are immune compromised that need it, but it’s very unfortunate that the criminals are actually still using that,” Farley said.
Investigators don’t know if the two cases are related, but between them both, four to six total credit cards were stolen.
“I have three different victims in these cases,” Farley said.
One victim tells the Sheriff’s Office that he locked his locker, while another did not.
“You have to lock, you have to bring like a padlock with you. They have signs that say make sure to lock up your stuff, so they do warn you,” Planet Fitness member Susanne Hart said.
It’s unknown if the suspects are members of Planet Fitness or not.

If you have any information that may help identify them, you’re asked to contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at (941) 639-2101.