FLORIDA (SNN TV) - A federal court blocks Florida's new drag show law.

The court ruled that the law is overly vague and likely unconstitutional, according to the Herald-Tribune. The law itself bars children from attending quote "adult live performances."

However, U.S. District Judge Gregory Presnell in Orlando says the law conflicts with a Florida law that guarantees parental rights to make decisions in the best interests of their children. He said it likely violated constitutional free speech.

To the concern about "adult live performances," Presnell says Florida law already allows minors to attend R-rated films if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

An Orlando restaurant Hamburger Mary's challenged the law. The restaurant's attorneys said Florida law already prevents minors from being exposed to “lewd, sexually explicit, obscene, vulgar or indecent displays.”

A DeSantis spokesperson said the state will appeal the ruling.