"Project Pride is built out of giving exposure to the LGBT community, not only in Sarasota, but the state of Florida. Our impact has grown so big that we're able to reach multiple non profits." - says Jason Champion, President Project Pride

Established in 2019, the community was created to include all, celebrate all, and most importantly unite all.

"We reach Manatee, some ST Pete and down to Venice, where we have created programs that support our youth, our elderly and even our transgendered family and friends." - says Champion

Working with different groups like the Senior Friendship Center, Project Pride provides counseling to members of the L-G-B-T-Q family.

"We have so much community sport from Seacoast Bank, R. B. C. There are more support right now for the LGBT community depending upon the laws that have been passed. We have a ton of activities that are not just necessarily gay focused. We do a sober program where we have a sober social once a month. So there's a lot of things that Project Pride is involved in that can unite communities across the country." - says Champion

Champion gives me an insight into the meaning of Celebrate, Unite, and Support, the motto of Project Pride.

"Celebrate in celebrating your individuality and your authenticity. We unite communities from gay, straight, green, purple, black, white, trans, everything. We bring them all together in one melting pot. And then we support those communities by providing some financial support and safe places for people to attend." - says Champion