SARASOTA - Residents of Siesta Key again were left disappointed after a bill that would have allowed the island's residents to vote to create their own town died in committee.

According to the Herald Tribune, the bill, sponsored by State Rep. Fiona McFarland, R-Sarasota, sailed through its first committee stop in a unanimous vote but died in the Ways and Means Committee without making it onto an agenda. That committee is vice-chaired by State Rep. James Buchanan, a Republican who represents south Sarasota County. Buchanan has opposed the bill, representing the lone vote against it.

“It wasn’t a secret I was not in favor of it because I am not in favor of more government and the higher taxes that come with it," Buchanan said in an email.

Save Siesta Key Inc., released a statement saying  “Rather than speculate as to why our bill we intend to meet with legislative leadership this summer and to determine if there is a reasonable path for success in the 2024 Session.