HERNANDO COUNTY (SNN TV) - A Florida teacher is under investigation in what she believes is a targeted attack for showing a Disney movie.

The Herald-Tribune reports Hernando County 5th grade teacher Jenna Barbee is being investigated by the state Department of Education. Barbee says she believes school board member Shannon Rodriguez reported her to Florida's DOE for showing Disney's "Strange World" to her students. Rodriguez's daughter is in Barbee's class.

It's the first Disney movie with an out, gay character, but Barbee says the movie is tied to her students' Earth science lesson.

Florida educators are prohibited from teaching about gender and sexual identity due to the Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed "Don't Say Gay" by critics.

Opponents of the law say the vague law means any material with gay or transgender characters can be targeted. The school district confirms a parent complained the movie isn't age appropriate. "Strange World" is a rated-PG Disney animated film.