TALLAHASSEE (SNN TV) - The Florida House passes a permitless carry bill.

HB 543 is wrapped into a broader public safety bill; it allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without training or a state-issued permit.

WFLA reports some Republicans wanted to go even further with open carry. That would allow people to not have to conceal a weapon, along with not needing training or a permit.

The bill passed mostly along party lines, 73-32, with one Republican joining 31 Democrats. Democrats railed against removing training to have a gun.

"There's training required if you're going to drive a car. There's training required if you're going to go into any place of work," says Democratic State Representative Anna Eskamani, who opposed the bill, "Training is good. The notion that we are not consenting to that point, that training to own and use a firearm is a positive, it just blows my mind because I think that in any other human situation, we would agree."

Meanwhile, Republicans praised the bill, with one calling the training red tape and an expense.

"This bill will simply allow Floridians to conceal carry their firearm...without the red tape and expense of a government license. Florida will not come between you and your freedom to protect yourself anymore," State Representative Chuck Brannan said to applause from Republicans in the chamber.

The bill now goes to the Florida Senate, which is expected to pass the bill and send it to Governor Ron DeSantis.

If signed, Florida would become the 26th state to allow permitless carry.