SARASOTA (SNN TV) - Text messages released Friday appear to show behind-the-scenes maneuvering to select New College's new president. This raises concerns that the selection was done behind the scenes and may violate Florida Sunshine laws.

The Herald-Tribune reports new Trustee Matthew Spalding coordinated with people behind the scenes to hire new interim president Richard Corcoran. A text that appears to be from Corcoran himself in January says he'll start no later than March 1st. The text appears to have been sent the same day the former president was fired.

Corcoran's selection was confirmed by the governor's office before New College's board had even voted to fire the previous president. The texts also talk about making former Florida Senate President Republican Bill Galvano general counsel, wording that is very similar to what Spalding said in January before introducing the motion to hire Galvano

These texts were obtained by the Florida Center for Government Accountability, which has filed a lawsuit against New College to compel the release of public records.