TALLAHASSEE (SNN TV) - Republican lawmakers are advancing bills for more restrictions on unions as the biggest teachers unions opposed Governor DeSantis in the last election.

The Herald-Tribune reports HB 1445 and SB 256 were approved on mostly party-line votes in their respective committees. They prohibit paycheck deductions for specific public-sector union dues and increase employee membership in a union from 50% to 60%. If it fails to meet that standard, the union could be decertified.

These bills are being called political retribution as public sector unions that tend to endorse and work in campaigns for Florida Republicans -- such as law enforcement and correctional officers -- are shielded from the tougher requirements. The governor calls it paycheck protection legislation.

DeSantis clashed with teachers unions over the reopening of schools during the COVID pandemic and called for restrictions shortly after being reelected in 2022.