SARASOTA- Thousands of people have been walking down Main Street to check out the Downtown Sarasota Fine Art and Craft fair.

The fair covers more than five city blocks.

“What I do is I work with broken glass so, the hardest part is sourcing the glass. I do buy some recycled glass from glass blowers, I use bottles, anything I can get my hands on. And people say it makes them happy and that’s one of the best compliments,” said Marhula Enterprises artist, Joni Marhula.

The fair is hosted by Howard Alan Events and has close to 200 artists and crafters.

There’s everything from paintings, sculptures, clothing, jewelry, and more.

“And also make sure that everything is handmade, so there’s no manufactured stuff here. This is all blood, sweat and tears by the artist and the crafters. We have a lot of new artists. So, when we have our new artists, to meet them and to help them cultivate a living doing this, it’s a lot of fun for us and it’s very exciting,” said Show Director for Howard Alan Events, Elaine Laurent.

As attendees walk around, they have the chance to talk to some of the artists and crafters about their inspiration and process.

For one candle salesperson, he’s determined to find the best scent for each customer.

“You have to ask them what they like and then based on that you have to have really good knowledge of the candles, so you can decide what you should show them,” said 11-year-old Wyatt Frey of Dunedin Candle Co.

The event supports the Downtown Sarasota Alliance, which is an organization dedicated to helping small businesses in the area grow.

The fair is free of cost, and runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. all weekend.