SARASOTA- For all of you movie junkies, tickets for the Sarasota Film Festival are already selling out.

The 25th annual Sarasota film festival is approaching and SNN attended the Press & Sponsor kickoff to give you a little preview of what's coming up.

“Other communities in Florida do film festivals. They spend money on marketing, but in the final analysis all of the independent filmmakers, all of the studios know where to come, and it’s Sarasota,” said President and Chairman of the festival, Mark Famiglio.

“Hundreds of celebrities, hundreds of Hollywood actors and producers have been here and a lot of them have become famous after being here,” said Managing Director of the festival, Paul Ratner.

A variety of films are screening this year, including some Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winning film makers.

Opening night, March 25th, Cirque Du Soleil’s “Without a Net” is playing at the Circus Arts Conservatory.

The closing films on April 2nd consist of “On a Wing and a Prayer” and “It’s Only Life After All.”

The festival is so popular in the community, people are already rushing to get tickets.

“I know today is the first day of our box office, but we already have some sellouts,” said Ratner.

The festival also supports, and will be screening, local films as well.

Local filmmakers may even go on to become famous after the event.

The festival runs from March 24th-April 2nd and about 50,000 people attend each year.