CHARLOTTE COUNTY (SNN TV) Mar. 13, 2023 - After 8 months, the 13-year-old in Port Charlotte who nearly died after he got sick from a rare brain-eating amoeba is back home with his family!

On July 1, Caleb Ziegelbauer and his family visited a beach in Port Charlotte where he swam in brackish water. 5 days later, he started to complain about a headache. Then the fever began. Two days after that, he was so disoriented his parents drove him to Golisano Children's Hospital in Ft. Myers where he was immediately diagnosed with meningitis and placed in Pediatric ICU.

Now, Caleb is home with his parents and siblings as he continues to recover. The family wants to acknowledge all the well-wishes, prayers, donations and support they received while Caleb was fighting what has been suspected to be the amoeba Naegleria fowleri.

According to GoFundMe, more than $82,000 has been raised in these eight months to help Caleb and his family with medical bills, treatment, medicine and rehab. I'm sure for that family and their friends, this is a miracle recovery. 

If you would like to donate, you can do so using this link: Wake Up Caleb.