SARASOTA (SNN TV) - New College of Florida may be losing more than $29 million in donations.

That's according to a former New College of Florida Board of Trustees member who spoke with the Herald-Tribune.

Charlene Lenger served on the board until being replaced by Governor DeSantis in January. She says 13 alumni are canceling tens of millions in donations. She says one is canceling almost $19 million. That donor had the gift in his will, but he's now removing it.

The $29 million is more than half the college's net assets in 2019. 156 New College alums have also blasted Desantis' changes to the college and said they're withholding funding until they're assured Foundation funds won't support the new Board of Trustee's agenda.

The current New College Board of Trustees Chair appointed by Desantis says there will be a push for more private donations.