Sarasota High Lady Sailors are heart broken after finding out their basketball coach was let go on Friday.

In a historic season, Sarasota High School girl’s varsity basketball made it to the District Championship for first time in years.

Coach David Gaulman, known as Coach G, led the team to a 15-14 winning record in his first season as head coach.

“He’s changed the team for the better and not just a winning record but spiritually and emotionally for all the girls,” said parent Luis Banuche.

News broke on Friday that Sarasota High School relieved Gaulman from his head coach position.

“My daughter called in tears immediately. Just heartbroken," said parent Jennifer MccLain. 

Players are struggling to understand why.

“I really wasn’t expecting it at all. I never thought they could let a good man go and it was really shocking to everybody,” said junior Kennedy MccLain.

"He made it not only about the game but our mental health. The team has come so much further in the last couple months he’s been here because he has made it a point to help us,” said sophomore Haley Algasse.

“He’s always told us if we have a dream than tell him and he’ll get us there,” said junior Alyssia Bane.

More than just a coach, these athletes say Coach G was a mentor, someone they could look up to.

“The coach just meant so much to me. He was such a big part of my life when I first came here,” said freshman Franczesca Kobajlo. 

“He brought me a long way with basketball and we built a very good relationship. He’s almost like a father figure to me,” said freshman Tegan Hoffman.

The outpouring of support for Coach Gaulman is overwhelming.

“My daughter transferred specifically for Coach G. We came from Cardinal Mooney. Her goal is to play collegiate basketball and we felt like playing with Coach G would develop her not only as a player but as a person,” said MccLain.

“Coach G lost this voice and I lost my voice with him. We all were cheering for this team. I’ve never heard anything bad about this person, ever,” said parent Dariuz Kobajlo.

The school has not said why the decision was made. When asked, the athletic director sent SNN the statement:

“There was a review at the end of the season and after the review a decision was made that he would be non-renewed for the coaching duties by the Principal, Asst. Principal, and Athletic Director”.

Coach Gaulman told SNN he does not have a statement at this time.

The athletic director says they began the search for a new head coach this week.