A huge addition is underway to the SRQ airport. The project is estimated to cost up to 100 million dollars.

A terminal expansion has been approved to go under construction, in order to compensate for the rising number of flight passengers.

Rick Piccolo, CEO, says they will hit 4 and a half million passengers this year, and that they have grown considerably.

“Actually, COVID seemed to accelerate the growth of this community. And it certainly accelerated the growth of the airport. People were looking for places to go, after the first few months of COVID, where they could socially distance, and go outdoors. And certainly, there are beautiful beaches, lots of golf courses, boating, fishing, all that”, said Rick Piccolo.

The finished construction project, will give the airport 5 more gates, and increased capacity.

The terminal expansion will be constructed on the very east end. It will have its own security checkpoint, and concessions area.


SRQ hopes the project will be completed by December 2024.