SARASOTA- The 'Pooch Parade' fashion show featured over 40 furry friends walking the runway at the Sarasota Yacht Club.

The show was sponsored by the club's youth leadership program, "Yacht Squad."

100% of the proceeds earned at the event went toward Southeastern Guide Dogs.

One of the main goals of the event was to teach the children in the club the importance of philanthropy.

“The special thing about this is that it’s done entirely by the children of the club. They’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years. It’s their idea to put this on, they coordinate it all, they do all the administrative work of it, they collect the money, and then they pay the charity that they select. In this case, the Southeastern guide dogs,” said Commodore of SYC, Tim Clarke.

The Sarasota Yacht club hopes to give back to the community in as many ways as possible.

“Because the club really supports philanthropy and positioning the club as a positive community citizen, they are supporting the children and their efforts, which allows all of the donations to go directly to Southeastern Guide Dogs. It feels amazing and I am so proud of our children who really understand what it means to give back,” said Director of Philanthropy and Special Projects, Stephania Feltz.

Members of Southeastern Guide Dogs attended and did demonstrations and 30 children volunteered to work at the event.

Over 100 people attended the event and it was perfect for people of all ages.