Dr. Michael Crosby, CEO for Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium said the Florida red tide is a particular insidious harmful algae bloom.

"It is not just the algae itself that is blooming and causing a ecosystem disruption, here on the west coast of Florida, the Florida red tide is not only a disruptor for the eco system, it also produces a really nasty toxin, that can cause a difficulty in breathing for people with asthma, watery eyes, and it could very deadly for organism in the water," Dr. Crosby said.

Dr. Crosby said this red tide is by no where near the worse he has seen and won't be, but it still at a moderate level.

"It is a very long bloom, by nature it is patchy as well. It was out there offshore until Hurricane Ian came through. Ian's wind helped bring red tide into the coastal waters," Crosby said.

Dr. Crosby said in isolated areas red tide can still be incredibly intense.  Red tide could also changes its intensity day to day.

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