LAKEWOOD RANCH - A veteran broke ground on a new mortgage-free home in Lakewood Ranch Friday morning. 

“You want to serve your country and you want to fight for those who can’t," said Sgt. Lucio Gaytan, who received a new home. 

Army Sergeant First Class Lucio Gaytan and his family got the surprise of a lifetime from Pulte Groups Built to Honor program, breaking ground on a new home in Lakewood Ranch.

“Normally this is the surprise introduction where they come to the event thinking that they’re coming for a final interview and they’re surprised with the motor brigade and they find out that in fact they have been selected for a mortgage free home, in the Gaytan case in particular their needs was so great and their timing was such that we made that surprise announcement a few weeks back so they do come today knowing that this is going to be their home," said Pulte Group Southwest FL Division President, Josh Graeve. 

The Gaytan family was welcomed into the neighborhood by a special motorcade procession. Sgt. Gaytan, who served for 22 years, was severely injured in 2005 and honorably retired in February of 2018.

“The things that he saw and went through is our way to give back as a community to show our veterans that were here for them, as an organization it’s really something to give them that financial relief not having to worry about how am I going to afford rent next month, where am I going to live next month, this is their foundation, this is where they’re going to raise their kids," said Building Homes for Heroes, Project Manager, Cody Brannon. 

The 3 bedroom house will be home to Sgt. Gaytan, his wife and their two kids.

“He doesn’t believe that he is deserving of this, he wanted to just sacrifice for his country but then you look at the community come together and say no we don’t believe that’s true we believe you are a hero and we’re going to come together and put you in a better financial situation with this home, its just so heartwarming," said Graeve. 

The home for the Gaytan family is expected to be completed by the end of the year.