A rapidly growing local Sarasota orchestra called Strings Con Brio is being forced to find a new rehearsal space, and they need your help.

The non-profit orchestra, which was founded in 2015, started with 8 musicians. The orchestra has grown to more than 60 players.

Kenneth Bowermeister, conductor, says they need to find a local rehearsal space, which can fit all of their equipment and musicians, in order to not miss any performances.

“When we moved into this area, where we are standing now, we were only around 35 or 40 players. Now that we’ve grown to beyond 60, we simply don’t have the space here", said Kenneth Bowermeister.

The local Sarasota orchestra has a range of players anywhere from 10 years old, to  93 years old. Bowermeister says players come all the way from Punta Gorda, and even as far north as Riverview.

 “Well actually cutting the size of the group, has been suggested. But we were founded on the principle that we would accept almost anyone who is really interested in playing”, said Kenneth Bowermeister.

Piilani Edwards , 1st violinist, says she loves playing with the orchestra in senior living places, because she feels like she is giving back to the community.

“We all have a passion for music. And this is our way of giving back to the community”, Said Piilani Edwards.

Linda Brucksieker, 1st violinist says they’ve been scrambling in order to find a new rehearsal space.

We’re practicing Thursday night, and we still don’t know where we’re practicing. It’s very disconcerting. And she’s gotta move all the music, and everybody has to bring stands, and it just doesn’t work very smoothly at all. And it takes away from what we’re here to do”, said Linda Brucksieker.

Monica Sirocchi, Executive director, wants you to email Strings Con Brio, if you have any possible rehearsal space for them. Their email is [email protected] 

If you would like to catch their next performance, you can see them live at Bowermeister Auditorium at Pine View School, on March 30th. The concert starts at 7:30.