A 61 year old motorcyclist was involved in a hit and run, and seriously injured.

The accident occurred on Riverside drive in Charlotte County, yesterday at 5:44.    

Trooper Kenn Watson, with the Florida Highway Patrol, says the man driving the vehicle turned in front of the path of the motorcyclist.  After the crash, the man driving the vehicle then fled the scene.

The Florida Highway Patrol then located the at fault driver, and arrested him.

Florida Highway Patrol wants to remind everyone how critical it is to remain on scene. Trooper Watson says, don’t turn what could be a citation, into a felony.

“We just want everyone to remember that this time of year, we have so many people that are visiting southwest Florida, and they’re sharing the same roadways that we are driving in every day. Please pack a little bit of patience. Understand, that getting to your destination is now going to take you an extra 15 to 20 minutes”, said Kenn Watson.

Watson says there are more motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians using the roadways this time of year.

He also says it’s important for motorcyclists to wear proper gear, like helmets.

The man involved in the hit and run was taken to a local hospital.