ENGLEWOOD, FL (SNN-TV) - A fight broke out last night during the girls basketball game between DeSoto County and Lemon Bay in Englewood.

According to the Herald-Tribune, late in the fourth quarter, players from each team were battling for a rebound when a Manta Rays player appears to push a Bulldogs player after the ball traveled out of bounds. The DeSoto player then delivered an overhand shot to the head of the Lemon Bay player knocking her to the court. 

As teammates rushed to the aid of their respective players, fans came out of the stands. Team officials, along with police rushed onto the court to prevent the situation from escalating. Order was restored, but there likely will be repercussions from the incident.

The FHSAA requires schools to self-report such incidents.

Manta Rays director of athletics Ryan LaVallee said he had not received any words from the FHSAA. LaVallee expects his players to receive sanctions likely in the form of a suspension.

The game was terminated at that point with 69 seconds remaining. Lemon Bay won 63-48.