VENICE (WSNN) - Thousands of people came out to watch the Venice Holiday Parade, filling up Venice stores, restaurants, and streets with holiday cheer. 

Spectators lined the parade route early, in order to secure a good spot to view the parade.

“I think there is a lot of people from out of state, that come in here, and want to feel the community, and reality. Venice was number one most place to move here in the whole United States”, said Bo Andrews. 

Spectators, Barbara and Arden Moore, said they had a blast.

“I love the marching bands. I love the original music. The kids playing in their marching bands, with their high schools. I love the booster clubs. The kids have been walking up and down with their booster clubs selling Gatorade, and candy,  and you know, raising funds for their individual charities”, said Barbara Moore. “And Venice is like going back to the 1950’s, it’s a great little town”, said Arden Moore.

The parade was not just for locals, but for family friends, and visitors.

“Oh yes, I think it’s really going to be nice. I love the palm trees, new to Florida. So everything is exciting right now”, said Earl Hood.

Pre-parade festivities began at 5:30 pm, as music began to fill the air. Around sunset, the holiday decorations lit up the sky.

Craig Marcum says he really enjoyed the weather.

“We’ve been in the parade in the past, as participants. We’ve had different businesses in the past that we’ve owned, and have been in the parade. So this is our first year as just spectators. We’re really looking forward to it”, said Craig Marcum. 

The parade began at 6:30 pm, at the corner of Park Blvd, and west Venice Ave.

And it ended at the Venice Community Center.