SARASOTA - With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, everyone is hoping for staggering savings this year, but experts want to make sure shoppers are cautious of scams that many times can be right at our fingertips.

“Mobile devices account for more than 60 percent of digital fraud, so think about that, we all do mobile banking, online shopping, streaming videos and storing documents, everything on our phones, which are essential stations for storage, that’s sensitive information, and the bad guys out there, know that," said Director of Sales at AT&T, Enrique Niggemann. 

Experts warn online shopper’s to never use public Wi-Fi when making a purchase, transaction, or checking online banking information without using a Virtual Private Network. And make sure to have different and strong passwords for all of your accounts.

“68 percent of people are using the same passwords for multiple accounts which is also a big vulnerability, using a strong password that differs from  the others, protects consumers from that and if by any chance you get hacked and one accounts gets compromised by having different passwords your other accounts should be protected," said Niggemann. 

Experts also what you to keep an eye out for suspicious texts, that many times look like sweet deals

“Sometimes some texts are inviting you to go into link to go online to confirm some information, it can look like somebody you’re doing business with , it’s usually not, so if you’re in doubt don’t go there, the software on devices usually provides a link to provide spam or junk texts and that will block that from happening,"  said Niggemann. 

And if you’re planning on buying electronics this holiday season…

“Electronic they seem to be the top gift category day in and day out I think 61 percent of consumers now still say that electronics are there favorite thing to purchase," said Area Retail Sales Manager at AT&T, Toni Braxton. 

Experts want parents to be aware of scams that can be on children’s electronic devices…

“Make sure that your kids understand that they can receive information and they should not be responding,"  said Niggemann. 

The National Retail Federation estimates more than 166 million Americans plan to shop between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.