A  Manatee County renter has raw sewage coming into her home, and she can’t get anyone to help.            

Anthony Napolitano, and Cheryl Napolitano are tenants in Sabal Bay Townhomes in Manatee County. They have raw sewage spewing  just outside their house. They say they’ve had it overflow into their home.

“We had this last year, but except it backed up into our house. Which is eventually going to happen. The toilet downstairs actually overflowed, and there was just awesomeness, disgusting, all over the place. The kitchen, it was headed towards our Christmas tree, everything. And the landlord would not, my son usually talks to him, would not do anything”, said Cheryl Napolitano.

The tenants called the home owners association. H O A claims it is not their problem. SNN reached out to H O A, and they told us that it was also the property management’s responsibility.

“Screamed at me and told me to call the county, call this, call your owner. I called the county, they told me to call them, it’s their responsibility. I’ve called the owner, he told me it’s their responsibility. So, they’re just playing pass the buck. And I’m just not one for go back and forth”, said Anthony Napolitano.

The sewage started bubbling all over last Friday, as residents expect to have an inch of waste inside their homes.

“This is a health hazard. And I’m concerned, we have two little children in the house, and we’re not getting anywhere”, said Cheryl Napolitano.

Anthony tried calling a plumber, but the plumber won’t help, because he is not the owner.

Anthony, and Cheryl were planning on spending Thanksgiving in their home, but now cannot.

Craig from Manatee County Utilities, he would only give his first name, says it’s up to property management to get it fixed.  We'll keep you posted.