SARASOTA COUNTY (WSNN) - 'Tis the season of giving! If you're looking to help families this holiday season, the Season of Sharing campaign is one effort may want to consider.

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County runs it from November to January to help hardworking families who are just one emergency away from facing homelessness.

It's an effort encouraging neighbors to help neighbors on the Suncoast - Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and Desoto counties.

According to the Season of Sharing website, over its 22-year history, the campaign has distributed more than $34 million to more than 41,000 households, helping individuals and families get back on their feet.

The campaign typically helps about 3,000 households or individuals a year.

Season of Sharing provides a financial safety net for people who need help with their rent or mortgage, utility bills, child care, transportation, or other crucial expenses.

“Quite honestly, people face hard decisions and hard times all the time," said Mischa Kirby, the VP of Strategy and Communication for the Community Foundation. "So really, this past year with Hurricane Ian coming in, that put some people into positions of having to make choices they might not have been expecting.”

From now until January 31st next year, the Patterson Foundations will contribute $100,000 to the campaign for every $500,000 donated by the community. And there is no cap on the number of contributions donors make.

Since the Community Foundation provides grants directly to nonprofit agencies, individuals must be working with a case worker at a social service agency to receive funds. While dollars are raised during this time of year, they are used all year long.

If you need help, call 2-1-1, the United Way’s hotline that assists potential clients in finding the appropriate agency. You can find more details here.