A new public art exhibit was just put on display in Sarasota’s City Hall. Consider going, to enjoy Sarasota’s cultural heritage in the form of art.

Much of the art deals with the circus, as well as local artists works.

Clifford Smith, Senior Planner for Sarasota says Sarasota’s cultural heritage is what makes this exhibit so great.

“Back in August, the city went through, and changed city hall. They cleaned up all the walls. They redid everything. They repainted. And Mary Davis and I went, oh my God, here is a blank canvas. And what a great place to highlight city of Sarasota and its cultural heritage”, said Clifford Smith.

Mary Davis is a senior planner for Sarasota.

Smith says the exhibit will grow, and every 6 months, the exhibit will be redone. Smith says after 6 months, the next show will highlight Sarasota’s Architecture.

 If you want to go see the art exhibit, City Hall is open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.