SARASOTA (WSNN) - Now, let’s talk Turkey. Hundreds of families in need are getting a helping hand this Thanksgiving.

Michele Tanner, a local realtor, organizes the Tanner’s Turkeys event every year. In its 12th year, she along with hundreds of volunteers delivered 600 bags of food out of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Since she couldn’t order Turkeys in bulk, Tanner added Winn Dixie gift cards in lieu.

Through a partnership with about 10 organizations in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, struggling families will have food on the table this holiday season.

"When times are tough, food is one of the greatest struggles," said Tanner. "Especially with food prices going up, it makes it even more challenging for families to put a meal on the table."

"With Ian, we were out of electricity for a long time," said Gryffin Wilkens-Plumey, a Sarasota resident receiving food from JFCS of the Suncoast. "And that means a lot of our food that was in the fridge spoiled. There were costs involved in replacing that. It was more difficult with Ian and things like that."

Big Brothers and Big Sisters and JFCS of the Suncoast are among some of the organizations working to help feed families through this food distribution effort.

This year, Tanner expanded its reach further south to Fort Myers to feed some of the families affected by Hurricane Ian.

After 12 years, Tanner’s Turkeys has helped 3300 families.

An annual fundraiser in early November helps raise the funds to make this effort happen.