Artists from across the country set their brushes down and brought their draw-dropping work to Sarasota this weekend.  

Their one of a kind creations transformed JD Hamel Park into a stunning outdoor gallery.

“We’ve been to two tents and we’ve found things we want to buy at both of them so that sounds like its going to be a very expensive day,” said Sarasota resident Tina Lassen.

Paragon Festivals kicked off their ninth season of the Sarasota Fall Fine Art Festival Saturday morning.

“We have plenty of art here. We have two dimensional, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, fiber,” said Paragon Event Director Bill Kinney.

Each tent is like its own little gallery. The artists are there to share their passion.

“Everybody tells me my work makes them happy. That’s the feeling I have at the beach. I try to bring it home and create that in the studio and then it comes out in the work. People take it home and it makes their homes happy,” said artist Jennifer Peck.

“I feed off of color. I feel like color has energy,” said artist Andee Axe.

“I use resin and paint and dye and pigment so I call it resin fusion,” said artist John Wayne Jackson.

With over 60 vendors at the fest, there’s something for everyone.

“This [photograph] reminded us of a family vacation from about 10 years ago. The photographer did a fabulous job capturing the experience we had on that island," said Ohio resident Julie Murphy.

"It’s all about buying local and supporting local artists so it’s great to have these events for their sake as well as ours," said Lassen.

If you didn’t make it don’t worry, the Fall Fine Art Festival will be in the same spot at JD Hamel Park Sunday from 10am to 5pm. To find out more click here.