LAKEWOOD RANCH - Days before the World Cup kicks off in Qatar, one soccer mom turned business owner is selling soccer merch day in and day out for soccer fans across the Suncoast. 

“My oldest son was 14 and we were looking for soccer cleats for him and he was leaving to go out of town, we went everywhere, Sarasota, Manatee and could not find cleats so he had the brilliant idea of saying ‘why don’t you open up a soccer store so I can get some free cleats. Ding ding’ that’s what happened," said Owner of the Art of Soccer, Jackie Colacci. 

Tucked away on the side of SR 70 in Lakewood Ranch, lies The Art of Soccer, which supplies soccer gear to those who want to represent their favorite soccer teams nationally and internationally, all thanks to a soccer mom of 3. 

“From the time they could walk they would literally play soccer, so I was the team manager, brought the snacks, the sippy juices, told them what day the tournaments were so I knew enough about it to get me here and the rest was just a learning process," said Colacci. 

The shop sells everything from jerseys, to cleats, to soccer balls, making it a one-of-a-kind shop on the Suncoast, where business is booming

“It’s good, it’s picking up like crazy, especially with the world cup fever and holidays at the same time so I’m just trying to keep up with the demand but we’re busy, online is crazy, and I’m excited, I really am," said Colacci. 

Some of the biggest names in soccer will battle it out for their country on the biggest stage for the sport, all with their eye on the prize, and their fans with hopes their support will bring them the best of luck.

“I think Mexico, later down the line their away jersey is going to be a legendary jersey, so if you want to come get it and sell it on Ebay in like 20 years I think you can make a lot of money on that one.”

When asked who the Colacci family would be rooting for this time around… 

“I’m hoping Messi brings this one home, I’m still going to be rooting for the U.S. and their games obviously but besides them Messi," said Employee and the owner's son of the Art of Soccer, Antonio Colacci. 

Antonio Colacci, a former soccer player, believes the name of the shop falls nothing short of the beauty of the sport.

“I’m a coach now and I can tell you it’s not easy, I’m teaching a lot of beginners, it takes time so I believe it’s an art to learn how to play soccer.”

The Art of Soccer is located off of SR 70 in Lakewood Ranch, for more information on the shop and how to access their online store you can visit their website here.