A Sarasota Woman has been nominated to go to the Special Olympic World Games in Berlin, Germany next year.

Mollie O’Connell, a Special Olympic Cyclist, has been training for 10 Years. She said she would be astounded to not get gold.

She says she is nervous, and happy about being nominated to go to the World Games in Berlin. Mollie says all the hard work has finally paid off.  

“We train like every Saturday, like during summer. And it’s like, sometimes it’s easy, and other times it’s hard. But it’s fun”, said Mollie O’Connell.

Her life goal, is to continue cycling, and power lifting. She says power lifting keeps her in shape for cycling.

Mollie looks up to her coaches, and her mother. She says her mom is her role model.

She thanks all of her family, friends, and coaches for all the support, and says she couldn’t have done any of this without them.