SARASOTA (WSNN) - Two commissioners for the City of Sarasota were sworn in today at noon.

At-large Commissioners-Elect Jen Ahearn-Koch and Debbie Trice begin their four-year terms on the Commission today.

And the outgoing commissioner, Hagen Brody said a farewell speech and was recognized for his years of service.

The meeting also presented the new mayor as Kyle Battie and the new vice mayor as Liz Alpert. 

"Although some of our priorities and philosophies may differ, I know we share a goal of seeing Sarasota continue to thrive," said Debbie Trice, a new City of Sarasota Commissioner.

"We have a lot of challenges that we'll be facing in the days to come and hopefully, whether we agree or disagree, we can do so with respect," said Kyle Battie, the new City of Sarasota Mayor. 

Eric Arroyo is now just a city commissioner, but Battie presented the key to Sarasota to Arroyo.

And Debbie Trice is completely brand new to the board.