SARASOTA- It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Sarasota.

The Mall at UTC hosted its 6th annual Santa’s Grand Arrival Parade.

The parade has made it feel like a magical season already.

There were hundreds of smiling faces as they waited for Santa to make his grand entrance.

Over 50 organizations participated in the parade.

There was a firework show and light shows for attendees to enjoy.

An entire year goes into planning Santa’s Grand Arrival parade.

“A lot goes into planning a parade. We will literally take Sunday off, take a rest, and then we will start again on Monday planning for next year. A lot of coordination with the different county entities, traffic control, Sarasota Sheriff. And we work closely with our partners, Benderson development, to really make this event come to life and make it enjoyable for the community,” said Marketing Director of Mall at UTC, Lauren Clark.

If you weren't able to make it to the parade, the light shows will continue on throughout the rest of the season.

Hundreds of community members came out to enjoy all of the festivities.

“For the kids they love the floats, the candy, and the Christmas music. The little ones love the lights. It’s amazing, it’s a really great sense of community and everyone’s in the holiday spirit, so how fun is that? We’re excited for our first Florida Christmas,” said parade attendee, Taylor Bennett.

The year of preparing definitely paid off, the event was a success.

You could truly feel the magic of Christmas.