OSPREY:  $10682.74, that’s a lot of lemonade and cookies sold.

Seeing the devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, these Southbay neighborhood  kids knew they had to help.

They did get a little help from their mothers who spearheaded the lemonade stand. Then they had the ingenious idea of adding a sprinkle of technology to expand their reach.

The group decided to donate all the funds to the American Red Cross, all going directly to those affected by the storm on the Suncoast.

With so many people in need and the sheer destruction of Hurricane Ian being so wide, finding a Helping Hand recipient became a dark process. When we heard of the impact these kids and their lemonade stand was making, September’s donation became a no-brainer.

While excited for the impact they made, these Southbay kids stand, pun intended, at the ready to pour another glass and help again.