BRADENTON (WSNN) - Sandbags are a hot commodity today, and the City of Bradenton started its distribution early this morning.

City employees are handing out 10 sandbags per car at the Public Works Annex. They're checking IDs to make sure you're a Bradenton resident. 

The city pre-prepared more than 5,000 bags and they're making more throughout the day.

A line of cars wrapped around LECOM park this morning.

As a Bradenton resident of 30 years, Paul Gallock says he's not worried but wants to be prepared.

"You don't panic in these things,"said Gallock. "I've been through a hurricane here before, it went 85 miles per hour, but it's not a big problem."

"Our town is saturated, our state is saturated from the rain we've had already," said Gene Brown, mayor of City of Bradenton. "So depending on where the tide is and all the different things play a factor when the [hurricane] hits, so we've got to be prepared. What we're worried about with this is obviously, if we don't get big wind storm, it would be a lot of a storm surge, so the sandbags are very important to protect your property."

The distribution is happening until 7 p.m. So get them while you can.

And you can stay up to date with the city emergency alert system called CodeRED. You can find the details here.