Last week I asked Sarasota County Commissioners to take note of a road resurfacing project along Tuttle Avenue. 

I drew a parallel between the late New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato, who was known as Senator Pothole for his dogged devotion to solving constituent problems and dangled the thought one of our county commissioners taking on the mantle of Commissioner Manhole.

The issue being as the Tuttle Avenue roadwork has progressed for more than two months, the temporary surface poses risks.

Last week, we showed you this.  Manholes and water valve covers sticking up past the surface, just waiting to take out a chunk of someone’s tire.  Dozens of them stretching from Siesta Drive to Fruitville Road

We pointed out the work on Tuttle is clearly identified as a “Sarasota County Commission.  So, we asked commissioners to get involved. 

One week later and we can report progress.  No, not one of our commissioners stepped up and said, call me “Commissioner Manhole.”  But look at this:

The contractor has added temporary patch material around some of the manholes in an attempt to soften the blow on tires.   That is progress, right?   Not sure who to thank, but thank you, nonetheless. 

As the project winds to conclusion we can only hope the entire surface is smooth and poses no risk to tires, cars, trucks and motorcycles. 

But, we’ll keep an eye on things just in case.

That’s how we’re view things this week.  I’m Craig Burdick.  Thanks for watching SNN, THE Suncoast New Network.