People were on the edge of their seats as cars and motorcycles flew by at Ellenton Premium Outlets. The stunt show Nitro Extreme wrapped up its trip to the Suncoast Sunday.

“It's pure energy and excitement the entire show through,” said Chelsie Nygent with Cirque Italia. 

Drivers from across the world come together to present these jaw dropped stunts.

“You’ll see two of our drift cars drifting across our arena at extremely high speeds. We have our Mustangs on two wheels, all the stunts they do are on their side. We have motor cross jumpers who jump 50 feet in the air," said Nygent.

The reactions from the crowd are priceless.

“It just came up in the air so easy like it was used to doing it but I’m not used to seeing it, it was pretty cool,” said Dale. 

"I can’t believe they can do this it’s like mission impossible where they flip over, it's so crazy,” said Dale's son Eli. 

“When the cars were on their side it made me think of when I was little I would always play on my power wheels and always get up on two wheels,” said Billy Lee. 

The performers get lots of practice and most have over 15 years of experience.

“We do about 52 weeks a year and we do a different city every week,” said Nygent.

The show is presented by Cirque Italia.

If you know anyone in northern Florida, they are heading up to Jacksonville next week.