SARASOTA (SNN TV) - Sarasota County is in the midst of an unprecedented building and construction boom. A few residents in the county took to the streets that house Sarasota's Downtown Farmer's Market in a peaceful demonstration in order to quote "stop the sprawl."

Some of the residents feel that the benefits of building luxury mansions and private golf courses on what used to be farmland, are not being shared equally. Meanwhile, even though the prices of rent have recently decreased, working class families are still being priced out of their homes.

The demonstrators spoke to citizens of all walks of life to try and make them aware of how they can help to defend farmers, urban minorities and working families.

One demonstrator said, "People in Sarasota should have an option for large acre lots."

County Commission candidate Fredd Atkins said, "The planning process for Sarasota County has imploded and allowed the developers to dictate how our development and how our sprawl continues."

They were there at 10:00 Saturday morning.