FLORIDA (SNN TV) - Senator Marco Rubio is co-sponsoring a proposed national 15-week abortion ban.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham proposed this ban, and the bill would also allow states to enact even stricter restrictions. Senator Marco Rubio several weeks ago first said abortion law should be decided on the state level. But now he has changed his opinion, supporting a national ban less than four months into pregnancy according to a POLITICO report.

Rubio has also said tragic circumstances of a pregnancy -- such as rape or incest -- shouldn't determine whether or not an abortion can happen because he believes laws should protect human life.

In a new ad, his opponent, congresswoman Val Demings, says this position is outrageous.

"Marco Rubio wants to criminalize abortion with no exceptions for victims of rape or incest. Well, I know something about fighting crime, Senator Rubio. Rape is a crime. Incest is a crime. Abortion is not," Demings says in the ad.

Demings supports a bill that codifies abortion rights into law. The bill, if it became law, would allow states to limit abortions after viability with an exception to the life and health of the mother.