The Barancik Foundation gives a one million dollar grant to a Suncoast youth shelter.

The money will support Safe Children Coalition , and to help build a new facility with more space to house the homeless youth.

 “The current shelter was built in 1959. And the way that we cared for the youth was very different 60 years ago. We know that there is more modern techniques in providing wrap around services, having separate bays with boys and girls. And really just a smart design. Smart and better design, to make sure that children ages 10 to 17 are cared for and kept safe in the shelter”, said Kelly Romanoff.

The new facility will provide a more welcoming environment, on a beautiful acreage, where they will have natural light, with birds and trees, and even have a courtyard, adds Kelly Romanoff, the Innovation and Impact Officer at Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation.

“So it’s a temporary shelter, that houses up to 20 youth at a time. We provide about 200 bed nights a year. And when those youth come into the shelter, they get wrap around care. So they get counseling, individual counseling, family counseling. Because our goal is to have that youth reunified with their families” , said Jacqueline House.

Jacqueline House, The Director of Philanthropy at Safe Children Coalition, also adds, that with the new building, there will be more spaces for maximizing services such as counseling and therapists.

“About 90% of the children that we see, are reunited with their families. So our success rate is good.  Other children who come into the shelter, sometimes it’s not appropriate that they go back home. There may be other placement for them in a residential care facility, if their needing specialized services”, said House.

 The shelter is set to open mid 2024.