BROWARD COUNTY (SNN) - Twenty people are set to be charged in Florida for voting illegally.

These will be the first arrests since the Office of Election Crimes and Security started investigating voter fraud.

Governor Ron DeSantis created the department following the 2020 election.

He says these individuals weren't allowed to vote because of previous felony convictions.

"The state of Florida has charged and is in the process of arresting 20 individuals across the state for voter fraud," said Governor DeSantis. "Now, now the majority of these people illegally voted in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade. These folks voted illegally in this case, and there's going to be other grounds for other prosecutions in the future. They are disqualified from voting because they've been convicted of either murder or sexual assault, and they do not have the right to vote."

Additional reviews and investigations are ongoing.

Voter fraud is considered a third-degree felony.

If convicted, an individual could face up to five years in prison.