SARASOTA COUNTY (SNN TV) - SNN viewers sent us this video of an apparent road rage incident in Palmer Ranch in south Sarasota.

The Reddit member says he was just driving on McIntosh, coming back from a morning jog this morning, and turns onto Central Sarasota Parkway eastbound. As he is passing the Stoneybrook development, a red pickup truck drives around the posting person on the shoulder of the road. The Reddit user voices the license plate number, which sounds like 3-7-A-E-W-R on the video.

Up the road a piece, the pickup pulls over at the entrance to Saratoga Place(where a firefighter was fatally shot 10 years ago), and appears to wave a gun at the man who was passed. He wisely stays away, and then turns around to avoid any kind of trouble.

 Several people commented on the post that they believe the same truck has caused mayhem around the area.