SARASOTA COUNTY (WSNN) - The Sarasota County Health Department is testing waters on the Suncoast after no-swim advisories were issued on a handful of beaches last week.

Most of the beaches lifted the advisory, but Brohard Beach, Venice Fishing Pier, and Ringling Causeway or Bird Key Park remain under the advisory.

FDOH tested samples this morning to determine whether enterococcus bacteria is at a "satisfactory" level.

Doctors say the bacteria can be dangerous to us.

"This bacteria can cause infections for people," FDOH Sarasota County Spokesperson Steve Huard said. "So if you have an open wound or if you're immuno-compromised, ingesting the water could be troublesome because it could cause gastrointestinal distress, it could cause diarrhea, and open wounds could become infected."

Results are expected to come in tomorrow around 4 p.m.

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