SARASOTA COUNTY (SNN) - For the first time we are able to read the note left behind with Brian Laundrie's body.

It was found back in October 2021 in the Carlton Reserve, but has since been sealed by the FBI, until now.

The Venice attorney representing Gabby Petito's family, Pat Reilly, along with the longtime lawyer for the Laundries, Steven Bertolino met in Tampa on Friday to sort through Gabby and Brian's belongings.

Bertolino has represented the Laundrie family since Brian returned to Florida alone. He says he shared the notebook in an effort to be transparent.

The notebook gives a glimpse into what was going through Brian Laundrie's mind, during his last moments alive.


He wrote, "Gabby I wish I was right at your side, I wish I could be talking to you right now."

Through the 8 scribbled pages, Brian claimed responsibility for the death of his fiancée.

While the book was out in the elements, some of the ink bled through the pages, making some sections difficult to read.

Brian also wrote that at one point Gabby was begging for an end to her pain. He continued to apologize for everyone's loss.

On the final page Brian wrote, "I have killed myself by this creek in the hopes that animals may tear me apart to make some of Gabby's family happy."

He also asked whoever found his body to pick up his belongings because "Gabby hated people who litter."

The case of Brian and Gabby's tragic deaths also went to a Sarasota County courtroom for the first time this week.

"Plaintiffs argue the laundries had an obligation or a duty to speak. The law imposes no such obligation to speak, and the state and constitution support that. In our society under our laws people are free not to speak,” said Matthew Luka, the Laundrie's attorney.

Gabby's parents were in the courtroom on Wednesday, holding onto a locket holding their daughters ashes.

The Laundries were not present, still exercising their desire to stay out of the spotlight.

Judge Hunter Carroll will decide to grant dismissal or proceed to a jury trial in the next 2 weeks.

If the case moves forward to a jury trial, it is scheduled to begin August 14, 2023.