MANATEE COUNTY (SNN) - Manatee County Commissioner George Kruse will be charged with DUI for a highly-publicized traffic incident caught on body camera.

A summons has been issued for Kruse by the State Attorney's office for the crash on Greyhawk Blvd. in Bradenton.

According to records from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Kruse hit a tree while driving home April 20th.

A deputy arrived on scene to find Kruse sitting in his wife’s car.

The deputy radios that he suspects Kruse was drinking but could not put him behind the wheel.

Investigators say the  911 call showed evidence of Kruse being the one in the driver’s seat, behind the wheel.

Video shows another deputy arrived to write the crash report. The first deputy on scene said he believed Kruse was intoxicated.

The arraignment is scheduled for July 19, 2022.

On May 20, Kruse signed a court document agreeing to attend Traffic School by Aug. 18 and turn in a certificate of completion to the office of the clerk.