SARASOTA - Actions speak louder than words and when Russia declared war on Ukraine, Viktoria Warren of Victoria Blooms knew she needed to help.

"Obviously it hit home with me because that’s where I’m from. I lived there, I have family there and I was just trying to rack my brain how can I do something that made me feel less helpless," said Warren. 

From that feeling of helplessness, a block party was born. Together with DreamLarge and RADD for Ukraine, Viktoria  helped organized a massive donation drive.

“One person can’t really do a whole lot, but when a community comes together it gives you a lot of hope. And it does make a difference. We were able to raise so many supplies, and a huge turnout, and that’s a physical thing. That is shipped, that’s going to help people," said Warren.

The first drive drew in a grand total nearly $34,000 dollars, so far. The war, still rages on as the mass exodus from Ukraine climbs past the 11 point 5 million mark. Families like Viktoria’s desperately fleeing the violence.

“I have family in Kyiv, and some of my family have been displaced, now refugees in other countries," said Warren.

This month, Helping Hand sponsored by Carl Reynolds Law is focusing on a global cause, adding to the funds collected on the Suncoast.

CARL: “We do have a check here to help in the movement for a thousand dollars to help the people that need it. Please keep doing what you're doing. All those out that there can open their hearts and more importantly their work purses or wallets please give where you can to help those folks in Ukraine and people like Viktoria who just have hearts of gold.”

A universal message they’re hoping spreads, like sunflowers from Ukraine.