FLORIDA -- Florida home insurance skyrockets 25% over the past year as the nation goes up just around 4%. In part 1 of our interview with Mark Friedlander of the non-profit Insurance Information Institute, Friedlander said a state Supreme Court case in 2016 (Sebo vs. American Home Assurance Co.) opened the doors for door-to-door roofing fraud schemes that also led to runaway litigation.

In Florida in 2021, 116,000 cases were filed against insurers. The next highest state only had 900.

Florida's home insurance premiums skyrocketed compared to the rest of the nation.

We've heard from many viewers how the skyrocketing Florida premiums are hurting them financially, but despite the widespread hikes, Florida's government concentrated on controversial culture bills such as 'Stop WOKE' and the Parental Rights in Education bill (dubbed "Don't Say Gay" by opponents).

The governor or the legislature can call a special session to address this, and they have called a special session this month. But it will be on adjusting congressional boundaries.

In Part 2 of the interview, we talk about the legislature's 2021 bill that was gutted by the courts and the lack of progress in 2022 by Florida's government to address the issue.