MANATEE COUNTY - The third annual Arts Alive celebration will take place this Monday and SNN's very own Marco LaManno will MC the event an debut a special routine. 

“I think it’s even extra special because it has sentimental value for Marco with his prior teacher who put it together," said Co-Owner of Ballroom City, Sonia Ragan. 

The routine is based on the song “Will you still love me tomorrow” covered by Amy Winehouse. He had the idea to dance it years ago and was set to debut it at last year’s Art’s Alive with his previous instructor, Kristen.

However, the COVID hiatus and an injury to Kristen’s ribcage put the routine on hold, leaving both of them wondering if the routine would ever hit the stage. Then, unexpected news.

“She passed away and he brought it to me and said this is the routine that she put together, can we develop it and make it our own, and we have and it’s fantastic," said Ragan. 

“It’s almost like this is a cover of will you still love me tomorrow, were kind of doing a cover of, I would say of what my previous instructor did, Kristen.  We took this and made it our own... It’s a beautiful song, such a cool routine, 14 months in the making," said Esquire, Marco LaManno. 

The Manatee Arts Education Councils mission is set to support, promote, and celebrate Pre-K through 12 arts education in public schools in Manatee County. Marco says he now understands the struggle of cancellations and postponements of others in the arts

“More sympathetic I could not be to these people, I’m serious, I feel their pain now." said LaManno. 

Now, Marco and Sonia are counting down the seconds until the public will see their routine. 

“You get your adrenaline going, you’re excited, you dance a little bit bigger, you put  a little bit more effort into it, it sort of changes, it’s kind of magical, a little transformation," said Ragan. 

However, the pair know that the months AND months of practice will be over in 2 and a half minutes once they hit the stage. 

“I’m looking forward to the next routine after this, but we may take this to other places so that’s even more exciting," said LaManno.  

Marco plans to share the performance with Kristen's mother as soon as video is available. for more information on Arts Alive tickets, you can visit their website here.