Graduated in May or this fall?  Maybe in December.  Or, you already have a job, but it's in the frozen tundra and you're NOT going through another winter. 


WSNN-TV has one MMJ/fill-in anchor position available in Sarasota, Florida.  We call it paradise and home to the #1 beach in the world.


We're want someone who shows up every day with an interesting pitch or two.  Stuff no one is talking or writing about, but maybe we should.  Curiosity is our #1 value and we appreciate a collaborative approach in the newsroom and field. We have MMJ’s who enterprise more than half of their weekly output.  Cookie-cutter we are not.


WSNN-TV, THE Suncoast News Network, is the 24-hour local news channel serving more than a half-million SW Florida households, mostly in the DMA’s of Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) (#13) and Fort Myers-Naples (#54).  Find us at


We love breaking news, but every show includes well-told stories about interesting people and happenings. There is a vibrant arts & entertainment scene here and we cover it extensively.  We are passionate about high school sports and cover them more than any other Tampa Bay TV station.  The Suncoast is home to FOUR MLB Spring Training facilities.  We'll be there from the moment the pitchers arrive to when the last game is played before the regular season.  And, SNN has a long tradition of health and medical reporting. 


SNN is partnered with the NBC NewsChannel, CNN NewSource, WFLA-TV, Telemundo Tampa and the Herald-Tribune Media Group.  Combine these regional and national resources with our daily review of MMJ content and SNN is THE place to learn and give your career a serious jump-start.  Come to SNN and those small markets you don’t want to go to will never appear in your resume.


Show us your best.  Send your reel link and resume to [email protected] .  Call him if you’ve got the right stuff.  941-323-9872