SARASOTA - It’s been said a mother’s love is like nothing else.

Now, imagine the love behind a non-profit full of mothers whose sole mission is helping other mothers.  It’s in the name, really, Mothers Helping Mothers.

"Mothers is more than just a store with free stuff. We really are a one stop shop for resources, referrals to other agencies. We really want to educate them and elevate them to a more stable living for the house," says MHM director Cheri Devries.

This not-for-profit organization has been a staple in Sarasota since 1990, serving more than 150,000 families on the Suncoast providing financial assistance and baby basics like new cribs and car seats.

“If we can help stretch their monthly budget just a little bit, then hopefully they stay a little more stable and can save a little money and put it away for those rainy days that everybody gets," says Devries.

It doesn’t stop there though, step into the big purple building on N. Washington Blvd during this time of year and your thrust neck deep into their annual toy drive, complete with worker elves and a gift shop bursting at the seams, thanks to the generous donations.

“And every year we just get to increase how many families get to participate in this so we’ve gone from maybe 50 families to now more than 350 families," says Devries.

That’s why this month; we’ve chosen to reciprocate that generosity by making Mothers Helping Mothers the recipient of our Helping Hand grant sponsored by Carl Reynolds law.

“ I’ve got I think the best mom in the world, I’m married to a wonderful mother  and what you guys are doing here just blows me away! Look at all this action going on here behind us and all the mothers that you serve. So a token of our appreciation we’d like to give you this check for $1000," says Carl Reynolds of Carl Reynolds Law.

As an added bonus, right now any financial donation made to Mothers will be matched up to $500 dollars. So while these mothers do more throughout the holiday season to help light up the hearts of children and lighten the load for families nearby, this money stretches a little further during a time when so many are stretched so very thin.